Saturday, August 9, 2014

#27 Classic American Wheat - Brewday

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This brewday started off a bit later than usual, but I actually finished in record time, six and a half hours.  I undershot my mash temp by a sizable margin, all the way down at 145F, but I want this one to come out dry anyway, so I decided this wasn't a big deal and let it ride.  With the 160F mash out to kick start the a-amylase, I assumed I would get full conversion anyway.  I ended up with low efficiency (63%) so maybe the low temperature had something to do with it, or maybe the cool (159F sparge) didn't help either, I don't know.  My roommate Chris joined me as I got ready to sparge, helping clean things, which really accelerated the end of the brewday.  As I said, efficiency was low leading to an OG of only 1.045, but this is still well within the scope of the style.

30 sec. O2, yeast pitched at 66F, set in fridge at 66F

2 Days:  Actively fermenting.  There wasn't much headspace so there's some blowoff.  Temp bumped up to 70F for the blackberry wine.

2 Weeks:  Racked to keg.  Gravity down to 1.007.

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