As a brewer, there is a lot of care and thought that goes into the beer I brew that I would love to share with those drinking it.  As a homebrewer, I don't have fancy labels or packaging to communicate with those drinking my beer.  I frequently get asked, "I have a beer with a 'b' on it.  Or maybe a '9'?  What does that mean?  What am I drinking?"  Well I can't help you read my handwriting, that's a lost cause, but maybe I should explain what those glyphs mean.

This blog is intended as a repository for any information you may need to drink my beer: batch profiles, style and tasting notes, beer stats, serving recommendations and pairings, etc.  It is my hope that for those of you brave enough to taste my wares, these notes help enhance your enjoyment ... or at least explain why it tastes the way it does.  And hopefully you learn a bit about the world of beer along the way!

The format is inspired by the Mad Fermentationist blog, with three separate posts for each brew:
  1. Recipe:  Here I'll describe the story behind a beer: what kind of beer I'm trying to brew, why I chose to brew it, maybe a few notes about the history of the style, and what new techniques or ideas I'm experimenting with.
  2. Brewday:  This will be a log of actual brewday, fermentation, and general execution notes primarily for my own records.  I'll try to relegate the technical and process related content to the brewday notes so that those of you who don't brew or care for a play-by-play of my yeast cultures can skip over it.  However some brewing theory may drift into the recipe sections as it seems appropriate.
  3. Tasting: Once the beer is finished, I'll post some tasting notes and serving suggestions.  If you try a beer, please feel free to drop a comment here with your thoughts on how it turned out.  Honest feedback, both positive and negative, will help me refine my process and hopefully produce better beer in the future
For a chronological list of past brews, check out the "Brew Archive" tab at the top.  I may post a few general beer articles as well, which can be found under the "Beer Knowledge" tab.

Last but not least, don't be shy about asking for beer!  If you have my phone number, chances are I would be happy to share.  I may not be there yet, but my goal is that someday people will enjoy my beer for a reason other than that it's free.  Someday.

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