Sunday, September 28, 2014

#32 Cascade Wet Hop IPA #2 - Brewday

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Yeast Starter 9/23/14:
Using a fresh smack pack of Wyeast 1056 with a starter.  I mixed up 1.5 gal of starter with the end of the bag of malt extract (somewhere between 1 and 1.5 lbs) and half a teaspoon of yeast nutrient to split evenly between this batch and the export stout.  Starter looks healthy as expected.  Cold crashed both starters for the last day to settle the yeast.

Brewday 9/28/14:
I brewed a double batch today and had planned to brew the export stout first, but I realized I forgot the flaked barley so I had to audible.  I started the mash for this beer and raced off to the homebrew shop.  By the time I got back, I ended up doing a 90 min mash with no mash out, but that shouldn't have much effect.

The boil was pretty standard ... except for the fact that I drowned it in hops.  Usually hops just disappear into the wort but these fresh hops had to be actively jammed down to get them immersed.  I had enough hops to bump up the wet:dry (by mass) ratio from 7:1 to 8:1 for a total of 1 lb of hops in the 20 minute addition,  Then at flameout I had a few extra hops so naturally I threw them in, totaling 26 oz.  These Oxbow-grown hops smell good, let's hope they taste good too, because they're going to dominate this beer.

45 sec O2, yeast starter decanted and pitched at 66F, placed in fridge at 66F.

2 Days:  We've had a bit of blowoff, but fermentation looks healthy.  Temperature upped to 70F.

5 Days:  It looks like the heater hasn't been working, so the temp has dropped to 62F.  It's still working but slowly.

6 Days:  It's still fermenting, but I added the dry hops, 1 oz Cascade and 1 oz Simcoe.

13 Days:  Temp set to 34F for quick cold crash before kegging.

2 Weeks:  Racked to keg.  SG dropped to 1.010 as expected, looks like the early drop in temperature didn't cause any problems here.

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